Destroyer of Flesh
Destroyer of Flesh
Species: Destroyer
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 28 (30)


Destroyers of Flesh are the sword warriors of the Destroyers. Like Destroyers of Sinew they aim to get stuck into the middle of your party and inflict heavy damage using multi-target attacks.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • Miniature Destroyer is a gold rarity mini given as a reward from the following:
    • North America: Special issue of PC Gamer on September the 25th. [1]
    • Finalist prize in the Wintersday 2007 Art Contest. (up to 15 prizes)
    • Europe: In exchange for a duplicate Mini Asura keycode. In both France and Germany, two different magazines distributed codes for a Miniature Asura at different times: the May '07 Joystick and the November '07 PCJeux in France; and the May '07 PC Games and the October '07 GameStar Special in Germany. In both countries, if a player purchased both magazines, the extra code could be exchanged for a Miniature Destroyer.
  • After adding the promotional key you can use the /special command to retrieve your mini Destroyer on one character.
  • This mini is the third tallest miniature in the game, after the miniatures of Zhu Hanuku and the Island Guardian.

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