The Tyrannus, a typical dinosaur.

Dinosaurs are large reptilian creatures found in Sparkfly Swamp and other areas in The Tarnished Coast region.

They can be divided in five groups; the Angorodon, Ceratadon, Ferothrax, Raptors and Tyrannus.


Profession Warrior-icon-small Necromancer-icon-small Elementalist-icon-small Assassin-icon-small Dervish-icon-small
Units 28 Tyrannus 24 Angorodon 28 Ceratadon 24 Raptor

15 Raptor Nestling

26 Ferothrax
Collectable DropSaurian Bone

For a list of all types of Dinosaurs, including bosses and quest-specific Dinosaurs, see: Category:Dinosaurs


  • Dinosaurs (with the exception of Raptors and Raptor Nestlings) use the monster skill Twisting Jaws, so the Paragon skill "Can't Touch This!" can be very useful.
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