Dishonorable is a Hex Spell generated automatically and only by an ArenaNet given server to one player's account for violating the game's standards of conduct and etiquette (see PvP). It works like any other hex, causing a negative effect for a period of time. It is only visible and effective in PvP outposts and Guild Halls.

An account may be given dishonor points for leaving a PvP match prematurely, for being reported by team mates, or for reporting teammates for leeching. Dishonor points affect game types that have randomly formed teams such as Random Arenas, Alliance Battles, and Competitive Missions.

In game appearance

Gaining and Losing Dishonor Points

Method Description Points Notes
Premature departure If you leave a PvP match before a winner is announced 5 You may safely leave as soon as the victorious team has been announced.
Leeching Each time you are reported for leeching. 2
Non-consensus reporting For each report you make that is not backed up by at least one third of your team 2
Clearing dishonor points All points are cleared if you do not accumulate any additional points for 60 minutes.
The count down occurs in any PvP areas (including Guild Halls).
Clearing points is distinct from clearing dishonorable status; see below.
Anomaly.png Anomaly! You can receive the 5-point penalty if your game crashes or you disconnect repeatedly.
Anomaly.png Anomaly! If your team resigns during Alliance Battles, you will still receive a premature departure penalty (5 points).

Impact of Dishonorable Status

If you accumulate 10 or more dishonor points, your account changes status to Dishonorable, with the following effects:

  • All characters on your account are hexed; the hex displays as a buff icon on the screen.
  • None of the account's characters may enter PvP.
  • The hex remains in effect for 1 minute per point (minimum of 10 minutes). The dishonorable points take longer to expire (see above).
  • The account will be hexed again if additional points are acquired after the initial hex expires but before all the accumulated points have been cleared.


  • The Hex does not appear in PvE areas or outposts; it does not affect PvE play.
Bug.png Bug! During Canthan New Year, if you resign from a Rollerbeetle Racing game, your status might appear as dishonorable.
Bug.png Bug! Players have reported that they have to wait an additional 10 minutes after visiting a new PvP town, as if the hex refreshed.
Anomaly.png Anomaly! Players have reported receiving dishonor points for standing still for long periods of time. Remember to move from time to time, even if you are running a support build, such as a Bonder.
Anomaly.png Anomaly! Players have apparently earned dishonor points for non-consensus reporting even though more than a third of their team claimed to have reported the same person.
Anomaly.png Anomaly! Players have apparently earned dishonor points for not attacking for a few minutes (moving but not attacking).
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