Disambiguous.png This article is about the Dragon Festival 2006 festival hat. For the Dragon Festival 2009 hat, see Imperial Dragon Mask. For the Dragon Festival 2010 festival hat, see Sinister Dragon Mask.
Dragon Mask
Type: Festival hat
Event: Dragon Festival 2006

The Dragon Mask is a festival hat that was given out by Emperor Kisu in Shing Jea Monastery during the finale of Dragon Festival 2006. Players had to collect 250 Jade Wind Orbs in order to receive the hat.

Dragon Mask gallery

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Dragon Mask gray front.jpg Dragon Mask gray back.jpg Dragon Mask gray side.jpg
Front Back Profile

Colorable areas

Dyed green

Dragon Mask dyed front.jpg Dragon Mask dyed back.jpg Dragon Mask dyed side.jpg
Front Back Profile

Dye chart

The default color is very similar to yellow dye.



  • The whiskers and mane are animated and will respond to character movement.
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