Grand Drake

A Grand Drake, a typical Drake

Drakes are a class of monster, i.e. a species in the bestiary of Guild Wars. They are a sub-species of Dragons.

Drakes are reptile creatures, resembling dinosaurs or giant lizards. Some are rather sturdy, with stout legs, short neck and tail, while others are slim, with long, snake-like tail and neck. Some have small wing stubs on their back, none of them seem to be able to fly though.


Most drakes are elementalists, strongly tied to one of the basic elements (air, fire, water and earth). With elemental damage spikes they can inflict large amounts of damage in short time and harm the player with conditions like blindness or burning. Any strategy that hinders spell casters, like energy denial or interrupts helps against them.

On the weakness side, keep in mind that Drakes ...

Items dropped

Drakes may drop the following loot (besides gold and various weapons and items):

Collectable Drops Dragon Crests
Crafting Materials Scale
Salvage Items various

Known Sub-Types

Region Type Trophy
Fissure of Woe Elementalist-icon-small24 Obsidian Furnace Drake Shadowy Crest
Prophecies Campaign
Pre-Searing Ascalon Elementalist-icon-small5 River Drake unknown
Shiverpeak Mountains (Ice Drake)1 unknown
Kryta Elementalist-icon-small18 Lightning Drake
Elementalist-icon-small20 Grand Drake
Spiked Crest
Crystal Desert Elementalist-icon-small21 Sand Drake Topaz Crest
Ring of Fire Islands Elementalist-icon-small24 Drake Fiery Crest
Nightfall Campaign
Istan Warrior-icon-small10 Irontooth Drake Chunk of Drake Flesh
Kourna Warrior-icon-small20 Steelfang Drake Chunk of Drake Flesh
Eye of the North
Depths of Tyria Elementalist-icon-small20 Chromatic Drake Chromatic Scale
  1. All Ice Drakes in the game are bosses.

For an alphabetic list of all Drakes, including bosses, see also: category:Drakes

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