1. Allow Brother Tosai to finish his ritual.
  2. See Brother Tosai for your reward.

Obtained from

Brother Tosai in Wajjun Bazaar


Seek out Brother Tosai



"Only the strongest can survive a drink from the Chalice of Corruption. Have you the strength?"
Accept: "Yes. I will drink."
Reject: "No. I'm not thirsty."

Intermediate Dialogue

Brother Tosai: "O Chalice of Corruption, impart your strength on this mortal..."
Brother Tosai: "Infuse this fleshy shell with the strength and power that is your gift..."
Brother Tosai: "Take this flesh and make it more than it is, as only you can..."
Brother Tosai: "Take this flesh and make it whole."

Reward Dialogue

"The Chalice of Corruption has a very invigorating effect, does it not? Soon you will truly be one of us. There is but one last thing you must do...."


Masters of Corruption


This quest consists of simply drinking from the Chalice, listening to Brother Tosai's "ritual", which will immediately set you upon the next quest in the series.


  • The alternative quest, Refuse to Drink, is much easier and saves a lot of time.
  • Finishing this quest and refusing to take the next quest in the line, Masters of Corruption, will preserve your friendly relations with the Am Fah, allowing you to traverse much of Wajjun Bazaar without any troubles. After finishing this quest simply decline to take the next quest then map travel back to Marketplace or any other outpost to clear the special poison condition.
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