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a typical Dwarf

The Dwarves are a species of short, stout humanoid people that inhabit the Shiverpeak Mountains.

Unlike the exploratory nature of humans, Dwarves like to keep to themselves and prefer not to mix with other races. Good dwarves share a strong sense of honor and hospitality, but a general mistrust of outsiders. Still, their amazing skills as miners and crafters and their shrewd sense of trade means that they almost always open their lands to trade with humans.

Dwarves are very fond of their ale and their hammers and axes. They use Dolyaks as their farm animals and to ride them. They build ice ships to cruise the frozen lakes, rivers and even the sea shores of the Shiverpeaks.

The Deldrimor generally worship the Great Dwarf, and believe that he created the first dwarves at Anvil Rock. Some Dwarves also worship Dwayna or Grenth. The Brotherhood of the Dragon also seek wisdom from Glint, but do not worship her. Some members of the Stone Summit, including Hierophant Morlog, appear to worship the Great Destroyer.

In the world of Guild Wars, Dwarves are represented by the nation of Deldrimor and the xenophobic and violent group, the Stone Summit. Like many other role-playing games, dwarven women are either no where to be seen in everyday dwarven life, or, like the dwarves of Middle Earth, Discworld and certain D&D campaign worlds, they are largely indistinguishable from the males. In Sorrow's Furnace, near where the Dredge slaves are working, you may see one of them say "I wonder what a female dwarf looks like? Do they have beards too?".

Dwarves in Cantha

The Aurios Mines contain relics which are suspected to be from an offshoot of the Deldrimor Dwarves, however dwarves do not appear to have a presence in modern Cantha.

Dwarves in the Depths of Tyria

The Deldrimor Dwarves also have a presence in the Depths of Tyria.

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