Dwarf Miner
Dwarf Miner
Species: Dwarf
Level(s): 24

Dwarf Miner

Two Dwarf Miners appears in Drakkar Lake south of Sifhalla after the quest "The Big Unfriendly Jotun" has been completed. They will apear in the same spot where Chieftan Ulgrimar Gnash spawned. You will see them switching pickaxes at the stone wall, apparently mining a ore thread Budger Blackpowder uses for his keg powder.


If you bring Budger Blackpowder up to a Dwarf Miner, the following dialogue will result:

Budger Blackpowder:
"Aye there, laddies! Keep up the good work. The powder we're making from this ore is some of the finest I've ever seen."
Dwarf Miner:
"Just don't blow yourself up and put us out of a job, Budger. It's a beast of a hike back to Droknar's Forge."



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