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Dying Nightmare
Dying Nightmare
Species: Nightmare
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 18 (25)


Dying Nightmares are Nightmares that can be found in the Underworld and frequent the starting area with the Bladed Aatxes and Grasping Darknesses. They were introduced to the underworld in the Summer of 2005 specifically to prevent 55 Monk bots from venturing into the underworld alone, because these monks rely on enchantments.


Skills used[]


  • The "Dying" in their name refers to their fragile state as well as their skills. With only 90 health, literally two or three blasts of a staff or wand will kill them. Also, left on their own devices, their two skills involve a significant amount of health sacrifice. Often they will kill themselves trying to remove enchantments or BiP their allies.
  • Although there are many wandering in the open with other patrols, most often Grasping Darknesses or Aatxe, they are even more commonly found hidden, only to pop out of the ground when an enemy ventures near. Unlike most pop-ups however, these creatures often patrol with nearby units once spawned (in the unlikely event they survive their first encounter with an enemy).
  • These creatures can be the most pitiful or most dangerous creatures in the Underworld, depending on who they target and how much that target depends on enchantments.
  • They are significantly more resilient in hard mode, with 60 armor and several hundred health. They are still relatively weak, but their wand attacks can do a decent amount of damage if not taken care of.