Species: Human
Profession: Crafter
Level(s): 20


Edwin is a Ebon Vanguard consumables crafter.


Consumable Items

Icon Item Materials Cost
Powerstone of Courage Powerstone of Courage1 Skill Point
100 Granite Slabs
100 Piles of Glittering Dust
1 Platinum
Scroll of Resurrection Scroll of Resurrection1 Skill Point
25 Plant Fibers
25 Bones
250 Gold
Star of Transference Star of Transference1 Skill Point
25 Wood Planks
25 Plant Fibers
250 Gold
Perfect Salvage Kit Perfect Salvage Kit1 Skill Point
25 Iron Ingots
25 Wood Planks
250 Gold
Chitinous Summoning Stone Chitinous Summoning Stone1 Skill Point
4 Monstrous Eyes
10 Granite Slabs
100 Chitin Fragments


To a player of lesser rank:

Edwin: You are no exception to our rules, <name>. Every man, woman and child must prove his or her worth to the cause before benefiting from our services. So, until you obtain the rank of Stealth Agent, please move along. You must understand that we haven't survived this long against the Charr by giving our supplies to every Tom, Dick, and Teardrinker who passes through here.


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