Eldritch Ettin
Eldritch Ettin.jpg
Species: Ettin
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 29(32)
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Eldritch Ettin is a warrior boss found at the end of the 3rd level of the Bloodstone Caves. He has his own entourage of 2 First Inscribed boss-like foes. Each of the three are flocked with Enchanted Shields and Enchanted Scythes. This makes the group difficult to take down, and often takes a long time to do so. Thankfully a respawn point is within a 20 second running distance from the bloodstone that they all inhabit.


Bloodstone Caves (Level 3)

Skills used

Items dropped


  • The seemingly best approach is to draw both of the First Inscribed foes away from the rest of the group and eliminate them separately.
  • Killing the First Inscribed causes their linked Enchanted Shields to vanish without ever having to fight them. Killing the Eldritch Ettin will also cause all the Enchanted Scythes to vanish.
  • A locked chest, along with one that comes as a reward after slaying the bosses, is on the frozen lake, so a lockpick would be a good idea to have in one's inventory.
  • This boss is very powerful, doing around 300 damage to casters. Bringing any form of Weakness can be extremely useful, for example by using Enfeeble.
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