A Boulder Elemental, a typical Elemental

Elementals are magically animated beings. Unlike Undead (which are an animation of a previously living creature), Elementals are an animation of non-living materials. This is usually in the form of raw materials, such as Stone Elementals.

Unlike Golems, which are the creation of magicians, Elementals are created by the raw element itself, most commonly out of the earth, and can be found in areas where magical disturbances occur (like the Stone Elementals scattered through Ascalon near the large magical crystals).

Elementals often have powers aligned to their own element. Many Elementals are Elementalists using Earth Magic.

Because Elementals are not real living creatures, they are not "fleshy creatures", which makes them immune against Bleeding and against several Necromancer skills targeting flesh, such as Rotting Flesh. Also, they do not leave behind a corpse that can be exploited by a Necromancer.

Most or all ice and water elementals are resistant to cold damage and vulnerable to fire damage, while most or all fire elementals are resistant to fire damage and vulnerable to cold damage. Earth / stone elementals are not known to have any particular resistance or vulnerability to specific damage types, however Stone Shard Crags are known to be resistant to fire damage.

Elementals drop (besides weapons and gold):


Region Subtype Creature Collectable Drop
Prophecies Campaign
Pre-Searing Ascalon - Elementalist-icon-small1 Stone Elemental
Warrior-icon-small3 Hulking Stone Elemental
Enchanted Lodestone
Elementalist-icon-small1 Ice Elemental Shard
Elementalist-icon-small3 Ice Elemental
Icy Lodestone
Post-searing Ascalon - Warrior-icon-small3 (22) Hulking Stone Elemental
Warrior-icon-small7 (23) Boulder Elemental
Elementalist-icon-small5 (23) Stone Elemental
Elementalist-icon-small8 (23) Stone Fury
Scorched Lodestone
Northern Shiverpeaks - Elementalist-icon-small10 (24) Ice Golem Icy Lodestone
Crystal Desert - Elementalist-icon-small20 (26) Sand Elemental Encrusted Lodestone
Southern Shiverpeaks - Warrior-icon-small22 (26) Rock Ice
Elementalist-icon-small24 (26) Siege Ice Golem
Icy Lodestone
Sorrow's Furnace Djinn Warrior-icon-small28 (30) Flame Djinn -
Nightfall Campaign
Istan Djinn Dervish-icon-small15 (25) Water Djinn Water Djinn Essence
Kourna Dervish-icon-small21 (26) Water Djinn
Dervish-icon-small24 (26) Maelstrom Djinn
Elementalist-icon-small22 (26) Immolated Djinn Immolated Djinn Essence
Living Land Warrior-icon-small24 (26) Cracked Mesa
Warrior-icon-small24 (26) Tormented Land
Elementalist-icon-small24 (26) Droughtling
Elementalist-icon-small24 (26) Stone Shard Crag
Sentient Lodestone
Vabbi - Mesmer-icon-small20, 24 (26) Roaring Ether1 Roaring Ether Claw
Djinn Elementalist-icon-small24 (26) Ruby Djinn2 Ruby Djinn Essence
Paragon-icon-small24 (26) Diamond Djinn2 Diamond Djinn Essence
Dervish-icon-small24 (26) Sapphire Djinn2 Sapphire Djinn Essence
The Desolation Living Land Warrior-icon-small24 (26) Shambling Mesa
Elementalist-icon-small24 (26) Sandstorm Crag
Sandblasted Lodestone
Undead Elementalist-icon-small24 (26) Carven Effigy Mummy Wrapping
Eye of the North Expansion
Far Shiverpeaks - Elementalist-icon-small24 (26) Frozen Elemental Pile of Elemental Dust
Djinn Dervish-icon-small24 (26) Chilling Wisp
Living Land Elementalist-icon-small28 (30) Avalanche
Charr Homelands - Warrior-icon-small24 (26) Tumbled Elemental
Elementalist-icon-small24 (26) Flowstone Elemental
Elementalist-icon-small20, 28, (30) Charr Hunter Beast
Charr Elementalist-icon-small28 (30) Charr Effigy -
Djinn Elementalist-icon-small24, 28 (26, 30) Burning Spirit Pile of Elemental Dust
Depths of Tyria - Ranger-icon-small20 (26) Icy Stalagmite
Elementalist-icon-small20 (26) Shattered Elemental
Elementalist-icon-small24 (26) Frozen Elemental
Elementalist-icon-small24 (26) Flowstone Elemental
Mesmer-icon-small20, 24 (26) Roaring Ether1 Stone Claw
Mesmer-icon-small28 (30) Anguished Hecatomb -
Djinn Elementalist-icon-small24, 28 (26, 30) Burning Spirit
Dervish-icon-small20 (26) Becalmed Djinn
Dervish-icon-small20 (26) Whirling Wisp
Dervish-icon-small24 (26) Chilling Wisp
Pile of Elemental Dust
Living Land Elementalist-icon-small28 (30) Avalanche
  • Hard mode levels are in parenthesis.
  1. Denotes a fleshy creature.
  2. Can also be found in The Desolation.

For a list of all types of Elementals in Guild Wars, see Category:Elementals.

Elemental NPCs include:

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