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The Elementalist is the classical "fireball-and-lightning bolt" spellcaster of the game and that's their specialty of their own kung fu power! They have the ability to do great damage with effective skills and good armor and runes.

You can have just about any secondary profession with this group, but some have their preferences. Few go pure elementalist, while others take on an additional profession to help them out in things. Those that go pure Elementalist, they must have some sort of pure kung-fu power that others may not know about.

The primary Elementalist's base armor as well as most armor for other professions, ranks up there at about 60 armor. A starting primary Elementalist begins with 5 armor, about like many other professions. So, unless you plan to solo as an elementalist with certain runes and builds. It would be prudent to try to level using heroes and henchmen or with the best friend of the world Kilroy to level 20, before getting max armor or get max armor as soon as you can and have the gold, and other requirements for it. Otherwise, it's usually not great to try to kung fu without good armor and runes.

Energy Storage is the Elementalist's maximum energy storage and where they muster all that power to kill things.

Positives: Elementalists deal large amounts of damage to the enemies. So, don't go and make them mad.

Negatives: These Elementalists tend to whine when they are beaten by another on Kung Fu.