Elementalist headgear is usually designed in the form of a floating stone, called eye, on the wearer's forehead with animated flames, water bubbles, or other element around the stone. In Factions, however, it appears as an animated aura around the elementalist's head.

There are three artwork styles (see below) available to elementalists in different campaigns, and within each style, every attribute has its own unique design and name. Thus, it is usually possible to tell what element is used by the wearer just by looking at it. This is also true for Paragons.

The female and male elementalist headgear of the same type looks identical and none of it can be dyed.

This chart shows the different types of attribute headgear available to Elementalists:

Artwork Tier Campaigns No attribute +1 Energy Storage +1 Fire Magic +1 Water Magic +1 Earth Magic +1 Air Magic
Tyrian Eyes Standard Prophecies, Nightfall, PvP Third Eye All-Seeing Eye Flame's Eye Glacier's Eye Stone's Eye Storm's Eye
Factions Auras Standard Factions Elementalist's Aura Everlasting Aura Flame Aura Glacial Aura Stone Aura Storm Aura
Vabbian Eyes Elite Nightfall Vabbian Everlasting Eye Vabbian Flame Eye Vabbian Glacial Eye Vabbian Stone Eye Vabbian Storm Eye


Note that Male and Female Elementalist headgear of the same type looks identical. For details about crafting location and costs, click on the art name.

Art No Attribute +1 ES +1 Fire +1 Water +1 Earth +1 Air
Elementalist Third Eye F front Elementalist All-Seeing Eye F front Elementalist Flame's Eye F front Elementalist Glacier's Eye F front Elementalist Stone's Eye F front Elementalist Storm's Eye F front
Elementalist Elementalist's Aura F top Elementalist Everlasting Aura F top Elementalist Flame Aura F top Elementalist Glacial Aura F top Elementalist Stone Aura F top Elementalist Storm Aura F top
Not available Elementalist Vabbian Everlasting Eye F front Elementalist Vabbian Flame Eye F front Elementalist Vabbian Glacial Eye F front Elementalist Vabbian Stone Eye F front Elementalist Vabbian Storm Eye F front

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