Ellie Rigby
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Ellie Rigby runs an orphanage in Ascalon for children whose parents died in the Searing. She gets help for her orphanage from wherever she can, including charity from the Krytans.

Quests Involved In



"People often forget about the children of those slain by the Searing. I try to look after them but there's only so much one woman can do. If we don't find someone to help us soon, I'm afraid of what will happen."


  • The name of Ellie Rigby is similar to the famous Beatles song Eleanor Rigby. It is possible that song was the inspiration for this name. This is very ironic because in the song Eleanor Rigby was a lonely person. Ellie Rigby is all but lonely and gets to deal with children everyday. On the other hand, her involvement with solely orphans could possibly be a reference to the line, "Look at all the lonely people" from the aforementioned song. Another reference could be the orphanage itself, As the road behind John Lennons house named Abbey Road had an orphanage on it.
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