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Elon is the name of a mighty river on the continent of Elona. It stretches from The Mirror of Lyss in Vabbi to Gandara in Kourna.

This is what The Scribe tells about the Elon river:

"Kourna borders the vast Crystal Desert, and thus depends on a man-made irrigation system that brings water from the magnificent Elon River. The Elon River is essentially the only life source in an otherwise arid wasteland, enriching the soil and nurturing the land with its annual flooding."


The river Elon is probably inspired by the river Nile, which is famous as the unending source of sustenance for Egypt, providing the people, animals and plants of the desert land with fresh water and fertilizing the nearby land when it floods or inundates annually.

Guild Wars 2

This river is dammed by Palawa Joko forcing Vabbi into a surrender in the upcoming sequel, Guild Wars 2.