Elona Reach
Elona Reach
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Mission location
Part of: Crystal Desert
Diviner's Ascent

For information on the mission, see Elona Reach (mission).


This desolated outpost overlooks the skeletal remains of what might once have been a bustling seaport. Brackish puddles are all that remain of the water that once meant life to fishermen and traders alike. Today, rotted pilings and tattered sailcloth are all that mark this ghost harbor.

Getting there

Either travel west from Destiny's Gorge into Skyward Reach before continuing north into Diviner's Ascent or travel east from Seeker's Passage across the Salt Flats. Elona Reach is near the center of Diviner's Ascent.

To Elona Reach

Path to Elona Reach through Diviner's Ascent




  • The name "Elona Reach" is a reference to the nation of Elona, one of several peoples that tried to establish a home in the Crystal Desert in order to ascend, but failed.
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