Erys Vasburg
Erys Vasburg
Species: Human
Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 20

Erys Vasburg, Domination Henchman

Profession: Mesmer, specializing in Domination Magic
Armament: Staff

Erys Vasburg is a henchman from House Vasburg. Like Lukas, he is enamored with Danika zu Heltzer and protective of her. It is not known if he is directly related to Lukas Vasburg or that they simply belong to the same House.


Skills used

In Raisu Palace and Imperial Sanctum, Backfire is replaced by:



  • Has multiple interrupt skills.
  • Almost instant-speed AI reaction to interrupt.
  • He does not fail to attempt to interrupt. If the target uses a skill he can interrupt, he will attempt it, and his interruption reaction time is excellent.
  • Has effective energy management skills.
  • Psychic instability can make groups of clumped casters useless.


  • His DPS is not impressive.
  • He is indiscriminate when interrupting, so he will not prioritize skills to interrupt.

Erys is an excellent henchman, especially against bosses that often rely on a few powerful skills. It should be noted that Erys will only interrupt the current target. Good targeting is necessary to get Erys to interrupt the skills that you would like interrupted, such as Maelstrom.


In the Echovald Forest:

"There is much beauty in this world, and it is my duty to safeguard that which is the most beautiful. My life, my very soul has been sworn to make certain that the light that is Danika zu Heltzer is never extinguished. Did you have something to talk about?"


Idle in the Echovald Forest:

  • "In each of us, there is such beauty and such abomination."
  • "My devotion to Danika is as solid as these trees."
  • "You end up loving that which you protect."

Battle quotes:

  • "Care to dance the dark dance?"
  • "It is a magnificent day for battle."
  • "My life for hers!"
  • "Saints of old be with me now!"
  • "Saints of old give me strength!"
  • "Saints of old guide my sword; if I should fall then guide my soul!" (same as Lukas, possibly a House Vasburg battle cry)
  • "When you fall, I shall immortalize you in song!"
  • "Your darkness will be illuminated."

Erys Vasburg, NPC

Erys Vasburg is of House Vasburg, same as Lukas, although it is not clear if the two are directly related.



When spoken to in the Divine Path:

"Thank you for helping me keep Danika safe."


  • Although he is a Mesmer henchman, he uses the ranger's animation set.
  • Erys may be named after Eris, Greek goddess of chaos.

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