Exhaustion reduces max energy by 10

Exhaustion reduces the character's maximum energy by 10 points for each spell cast under exhausting circumstances; the maximum can drop below zero. Maximum energy recovers at a rate of 1 point every 3 seconds (in other words, it takes 30 seconds to fully recover from one exhaustion-causing spell).

The reduction of the maximum displays as a grayed-out fraction of the energy bar, as shown in the example.



Elementalists can exhaust themselves as they begin casting certain spells; if interrupted or canceled, these skills will still cause exhaustion:

Two spells only cause exhaustion at the end of casting, and then only if the caster is not enchanted:

Anyone casting Devourer Siege (while riding a devourer) will also be exhausted.

External sources

The following skills also cause exhaustion:

The following environment effects cause exhaustion:


The only way to remove exhaustion is by waiting or changing zones; there are no skills to remove it.



  • Exhaustion's effect on the energy bar displays similarly to Deep Wound's impact on the health bar.
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