Expert Salvage Kit
Expert Salvage Kit
Subtype Kit
Rarity Common
Value 200 Gold
Stackable No
Campaign Core
Uses 25

An Expert Salvage Kit is a set of tools used to salvage useful supplies from the junk dropped by your defeated enemies.


Double-click to salvage upgrade components and crafting materials (rare or common) from an item.


Collector Location Reward trophy
Monastery Quartermaster Shing Jea Monastery 3 Monastery Credits
Imperial Quartermaster Kaineng Center 3 Imperial Commendations
Kurzick Quartermaster House zu Heltzer 3 Equipment Requisitions
Luxon Quartermaster Cavalon 3 Luxon Totems
Sunspear Quartermaster Sunspear Great Hall 3 Battle Commendations
Smuggler Command Post 3 Kournan Coins
Vabbi Trade Official The Kodash Bazaar 3 Trade Contracts
Wandering Scribe Gate of Desolation 3 Ancient Artifacts
Secret Keeper Gate of Torment 3 Inscribed Secrets


Main article: Salvage


  • Spending reward trophies on Expert Salvage Kits is not recommended, except for Monastery Credits and Battle Commendations (the first collectors in each campaign). The other collectors all offer Superior Salvage Kits for 5 of the trophy, which is a much better deal.
    • Trading 3 trophies for an Expert kit (25 uses) gives a value of 25/3 = 8.3 uses/trophy.
    • Trading 5 trophies for a Superior kit (100 uses) gives a value of 100/5 = 20 uses/trophy.

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