FFF is an abbreviation for fast faction farming, the faction in question is usually Kurzick Faction but the concept can apply to Luxon Faction or even Balthazar Faction. The emphasis in fast faction farming is on getting as much faction as possible in as little time as possible to allow for many runs to be done quickly.

There are multiple ways of fast farming, but the fastest two Kurzick methods known at this time are:

  1. The FFF run outside of Lutgardis Conservatory in Melandru's Hope. This run is based on the repetitive completion of the quest Securing Echovald Forest. This can be done with a team of humans, (The build can be found here) or solo with heroes and henchmen (The build can be found here). On average, the run produces 400 faction every minute for proficient teams.
  2. The FFF run outside of Altrumm Ruins. This relies on farming the wardens and four closest bosses in Arborstone in Hard Mode. On average, it produces 1400 faction in 3 minutes for proficient teams.

There are multiple ways of fast farming, but the fastest Luxon method known at this time is:

  1. Leave Jade Flats (Luxon) to the northwest. Have runner run to Arena Master Portus and complete The Jade Arena quest, /resign and restart. Proficient teams finish the run in around 1.5 minutes, making it ~475 Luxon Faction per 1.5 minute run. At around 10k faction per 40 minutes, this is currently the fastest known Luxon Fast Faction Farming.

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Hero fast faction farming is done as part of the Kurzick Securing Echovald Forest run where the runners are the heroes and henches instead of people. Luxon side has The Jade Arena where heroes and henches help defeat all of the combatants.

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