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Factions in the Guild Wars Factions campaign refer to the two warring Canthan nations of the Luxons and Kurzicks. These two factions constantly battle for territory. A player's alliance may choose to join either the Luxons or the Kurzicks.

A player builds and loses individual faction points with the two sides dependent on his or her individual actions in game. Therefore, it is possible for a player to change sides temporarily to use certain NPCs or crafters. (Some players find this ethically inappropriate, but it is the only way to achieve the Protector of Cantha title.)

Faction is shared across all characters on an account.

Faction-Based Advantages

  • Alliances which conquer a specific outpost in their faction's territory gain access to special areas and missions.
  • Acquisition of particular levels of faction allows the use of the faction's unique 1k and 15k armor crafters, special titles, as well as progression through that side's storyline.

Faction-Based Limitations

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