Faction farming is a form of farming in which players repeatedly complete certain tasks to gather Faction. The type of tasks done depends on the type of faction being farmed.

Farming Faction with the Kurzicks/Luxons

The main purpose of this type of farming is to amass Faction with the Kurzicks or Luxons. Faction farming is commonly practiced by members of an alliance trying to increase their Alliance Faction with either nation.

For each side, there are a few areas that players go to farm faction. These are:

Known Quests for Faction Farming


Note: many of these, especially the ones that cover a lot of ground, combine very well with the Blessing of the Kurzicks/Luxons for increased faction gain.

Farming Faction with Balthazar

Some players farm faction with Balthazar mainly for the purpose of unlocking weapon upgrades, runes, and skills for PvP or for purchasing Zaishen Keys from Tolkano to use or sell. Some players farm faction with Balthazar simply by partaking in all sorts of PvP matches.

However, others farm it using PvE. This is mainly done in the Zaishen Challenge mission on The Battle Isles. Doing this challenge rewards faction like a regular PvP match but can be faster as there are several ways to take advantage of the foes and their AI.

Note: Farming using the Zaishen Challenge has a cap of 2,000 faction per day, unless you have access to Zaishen Elite, which can go up to 6,000 faction per day (although you need to be able to survive until the 16th round).

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