1. Slay Flesh Gluttons to help the wandering soul recover his memory. You have X of 5 left to kill.
  2. See Wandering Soul for your reward.

Obtained from

Wandering Soul in Domain of Pain





"Hey, could you help a wandering spirit out? All I remember is running through these disgusting fleshy tunnels...before that, a blank! They call this place the Leech Tunnels, because it is here that memories of the realm's spirits are devoured by Flesh Gluttons. I know, I know, the name disgusts me, too, but I've got a theory: if you slay these monstrosities, the essence they devour will be released back to their rightful owners...namely me! Would you kill some of these things for me? What have you got to lose?"
Accept: "An undead mind is a terrible thing to waste."
Decline: "Who are you again? I forgot."

Reward Dialogue

"Slowly...the way a Flesh Glutton memories are returning. I am glad to have them back, even if it means reliving the pain of the Cataclysm, or the destruction and suffering of the Orrian people. Thank you, <player name>. I won't forget you."


A Fleshy Operation


Best done in conjunction with Into the Fire after getting Igraine which gives you 5 extra members by your side.

When getting to a fork in the fleshy tunnels take the right tunnels since you need to pass through those again in A Fleshy Operation.

Flesh Gluttons are not linked to any other groups and can be pulled away.

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