Fahranur, The First City
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Istan
Jokanur Diggings, Blacktide Den
Fahranur map
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Fahranur, The First City is an explorable area in Istan. It is named for the ruins that make up most of it, which were once the capital of Elona. Today, it is overrun by undead and worse. To the south and east of the city itself stretch the Istani jungles.

Abaddon excavations

Abaddon's face

The city was destroyed during the Scarab Plague. Prior to its destruction, it was the original home of the Sunspears, and apparently home to the Primeval Kings as Kamadan was considered only a village at the time. Librarian Gahmir Lenon in the Halls of Chokhin mentions that The First City has some connection to the kings of Orr.

There is a broken statue of Abaddon near the entrance to the Jokanur Diggings, which may be the one shown in the opening scene for Nightfall.

Outposts & Cities



Shrines, Blessings and Bounties

Inside the City proper






  • The Istani loading screen shows Fahranur.
  • It is good place for solo farm with a 105/55hp Monk using Shield of Judgment.


The Sunspear bounties available in Fahranur and which shrines they are offered at are listed in the following table. In Normal Mode, they are only available to characters whose level and Sunspear rank are equal to or less than those noted in the table. All bounties are available to all characters in Hard Mode.

Bounty Shrines Max Level Max Rank
Insect Hunt East 16 Captain (5)
Plant Hunt Southeast, South, Southwest 15
Skale Hunt North, Northeast 19
Skree Battle South-center 20
Undead Hunt Northwest, North-center 20

Hard Mode

  • To vanquish this area, you must kill between ~196-217 foes.
  • Watch for patrol patterns of insect and skale groups outside the ruined city. Their paths often overlap with other groups.
  • You can bring a party of 8 by starting from Blacktide Den, allowing for an easier vanquish.
  • This area can be solo vanquished with a 55.
  • Consider taking skills that deal holy damage; the First City is filled with Undead.

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