An action that fails is prevented from completing, but this is not technically considered an interruption from a game mechanics perspective. The word "fail" is shown on the screen of a player whose action fails.

A failure has these properties:


  • An action fails if:
    • The target has become invalid (due it dying or having an "Invalid Target" effect).
    • It is a skill which has become disabled
  • Most Assassin attack skills have prerequisites to work. If these are not met, the attack will fail.
    • This means that dagger attack skills that are greyed out will fail, and instantly recharge.
    • However, do not confuse this with skills that require a different prerequisite (knocked down, enchanted, hexed) which will produce a fail message, but still activate the recharge.
  • Certain skills explicitly cause failure, either at the end of the activation time (e.g. Mark of Subversion) or immediately upon activation (e.g. Spell Breaker)
  • Cancelling a skill can also be viewed as causing immediate failure


  • Skills like Obsidian Flesh will prevent someone from being the target of a spell. Spells targeted at them will not start casting and no energy will be lost. This is therefore not a failure.
  • Failure usually occurs as the action would complete. In the case of a skill, this is, of course, after its activation time has elapsed.
  • There are currently no effects which prevent the failure of an action.

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