When the player zooms in all the way, the character itself is no longer visible; it is as if the camera was located inside the characters head, giving the in-game perspective of that character.

In literature, a story told from a character's point of view is called first-person narrative (after the grammatical first person, the word "I" employed in such a narrative); the first person perspective in games has been named as an analogy. It is most commonly identified with shooting games (fps=first person shooter) because these were the first types of games to use a 3D model of the game world that made this perspective possible.

Tactically, the first person perspective is often inferior because it does not allow the player to see the surroundings of his character in all directions, but there is no better perspective to admire the beauty of the scenery. Tip: use Ctrl-H to turn the interface off and on.

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