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Forms are skills that allow a player to take on the representation of a God or Nature Spirit. There are two main types of player forms: God Avatars and Norn Blessings, both of which exist solely as Elite skills.

God Avatars

God Avatars are Dervish-only skills that temporarily transform the user into an avatar or representation of one of the Gods. Avatars provide some sort of benefit to a player as well as changing the player's appearance, animations, and emotes. Avatars disable themselves upon successful use for two minutes. Earning a Morale Boost or using Eternal Aura will recharge these skills.

Norn Blessings

Norn Blessings are Norn Title Track skills that allow a player to channel the power of one of the Norn nature spirits. They provide a bonus while active, but also alter the player's skillbar to a fixed set of skills. Norn blessings have a 60-second recharge that begins after the 60-second skill duration is finished or when Totem of Man is used to end the skill. Norn blessings do not alter a player's appearance.


The red player glitch

  • Disguises perform a similar aesthetic and emote change as the Avatar forms.
  • When a form ends, all actions (including movement, emotes etc.) are canceled.
  • A character can only have one form active at a time. Forms can only be prematurely ended by death or entering a new form. As all currently available forms are elite skills and cannot be copied by Arcane Mimicry, the only ways to have more than one would be to use a Signet of Capture in PvE or use Arcane Mimicry on a party member to copy Simple Thievery and then steal a form from a foe.
  • Be careful not to confuse this type of skill with skills with the 'Form' suffix, such as Shadow Form.
Bug.png Bug! Players or heroes that come out of a form may sometimes have a reddish tint to their entire body, this is a glitch and has no effect on the player/hero.
Bug.png Bug! When a God Avatar is active when a cutscene triggers, that Form will be removed when the cutscene ends.


  • Heroes in Avatar forms are somewhat smaller than players in the same form.

Size difference between players and heroes in a Form.

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