Fort Aspenwood (Luxon)
Fort Aspenwood (Luxon)
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Mission location
Part of: The Jade Sea
Aspenwood Gate (Luxon)

For information on the mission, see Fort Aspenwood (mission).

For information on the quest, see Fort Aspenwood (quest).


This fortress was designed by the famed Kurzick architect Lord Stein zu Heltzer more than five hundred years ago. One of the few remaining structures of true stone (which therefore dates from the time before the Jade Wind), Fort Aspenwood has long stood at a key strategic location along the Kurzick/Luxon Border. The Kurzicks have managed to hold the fort against Luxon encroachment for centuries... but this arrangement may not last forever.

Getting there

Exit through the southeastern portal from Aspenwood Gate (Luxon). The quest Fort Aspenwood, given by Elder Rhea in Cavalon, concludes here.

PvP characters can enter this outpost by speaking to the Luxon Diplomat in the Great Temple of Balthazar; so can PvE characters who have been there before.




  • This is the staging area for the Luxon side of the Fort Aspenwood mission. You cannot form a party in this location.
  • "PvP characters may not enter portals."
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