Fort Aspenwood mission map.

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This is a Fan Fiction Competitive Mission entry. For information on the locations, see Fort Aspenwood (Kurzick) and Fort Aspenwood (Luxon). For information on the quests, see Defend Fort Aspenwood (the Kurzick quest) or Fort Aspenwood (quest) (the Luxon quest). To see the documentation of this site, please visit here.

Fort Aspenwood is a Competitive Mission for PvP (Peer verses Peer) or challenge of the Kung Fu. In here, you'll have a randomly chosen team of 8 Kurzicks and this team is on your side. The team consists of real players, not npcs and one hopes that it's a good match and not full of real players that use some scripts or programs. This team must defend Master Architect Gunther from the attacking team of 8 Luxons that consist of actual players ready for their kung foo. Until Archetypal aid is able to complete a super weapon, Gods' Vengeance.

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