Fortress of Jahai
Jahai Bluffs
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Landmark
Part of: Kourna
Jahai Bluffs,
Yatendi Canyons


Note: This landmark cannot currently be reached within the game.

Jahai is the fortified capital city of Kourna, located along the Elon river near the border of Vabbi. Although it is marked on the map, it is not a separate area. Instead, most of the fortress is within the Jahai Bluffs explorable area, while some of it is in the Yatendi Canyons explorable area. Like many buildings in Guild Wars, the interior of the fortress is inaccessible. The fortress is populated by elite Kournan troops on the Jahai Bluffs side, and Margonites on the Yatendi Canyons side. It is not possible to cross between the two zones via the fortress.

Jahai is famous for the Battle of Jahai, where Turai Ossa challenged and defeated Palawa Joko, lord of the undead, in a duel and led his troops to victory.

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