Fozzy Yeoryios
Fozzy Yeoryios
Species: Grawl
Profession: Ritualist
Level(s): 24
Fozzy Yeoryios Location map
Location in Sacnoth Valley
(Entering from Grothmar Wardowns)
Fozzy Yeoryios Location map2
Location in Sacnoth Valley
(Entering from Dalada Uplands)


This is a Grawl boss, near the center of Sacnoth Valley. He is surrounded by many Grawl followers. In particular, there are quite a few Grawl Dark Priests in the area, which can keep each other, and Fozzy, alive for a very long time.


Skills used

Items dropped


The name of this boss is a reference to 'Luke Yeoryios' aka 'Jack Mc Daniels' from the Fire of Spirit [FoS] guild for his outstanding Guild Wars Videos. One of them, namely Club Elona, can be seen at Onlinewelten. Fozzy is the Grawl in the video. And both may of course be found on YouTube under the names of Guild Wars MV, and Guild Wars MV 2.

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