Skill details
Frost Vortex
Frost Vortex
Campaign: Nightfall Monster-icon
Profession: Monster
Attribute: Unlinked
Type: Attack
    5 Energy     30 Recharge

Full: For 30 seconds, all foes in this area are struck for 50 cold damage every 3 seconds. Any foe moving when struck is slowed by 90% for 10 seconds.

Concise: (30 seconds.) Deals 50 cold damage every 3 seconds to all foes in the area. Any foe moving when struck moves 90% slower (10 seconds).


  • This skill is used by Prophet Varesh in the Ruins of Morah mission.
  • The skill is currently bugged. It claims to reduce speed by 90%, but the reduction is closer to 30%.
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