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  1. Meet Rohtu in Lahtenda Bog.
  2. Help Rohtu track down and kill the corsairs who killed his mother.
  3. See Rohtu for your reward.

Obtained from

Rohtu in Blacktide Den


Nightfall Character
Wandered Off Again



"Sunspear! My heart cries out for justice! I must avenge my mother's death. She was old and crazy, but she was my mother. She did not deserve such a cruel end to her wretched life. These corsairs must not get away with this... this murder! Please, help me. I told you I am not a warrior. I could use a strong arm by my side. I will do this by myself if I must. But if you would help me in my hour of grief, it would mean a great deal to me... and my mother."
Accept: "It would be my honor to serve. You and your mother deserve justice."
Reject: "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. What did you say?"

Intermediate Dialogue (Rohtu)

"Let's get moving! I don't want those vermin to get away."

Reward Dialogue

"I suppose there's no real way to be sure these were the corsairs who killed my mother, but my heart is still gladdened by their deaths. The world is a better place without them in it any longer."


Rohtu is waiting for you as soon as you enter Lahtenda Bog. Click on him to get him to join you, then follow the quest marker to the main Corsair camp. They are just past the corpse of Rohtu's mother, where you found it in Wandered Off Again. There will be five random Corsairs, between levels 10 - 12 (in addition to the random wandering Insects and Mandragors you will encounter along the way). After the corsairs are dead, Rohtu will run back to his mother's corpse to grieve and you can collect your reward.


  • Rohtu will not be attacked by any creatures.
  • If after completing the quest but before claiming your reward you accidentally rezone or map travel to a town, Rohtu in Blacktide will be able to give you the reward.