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Update - Monday June 18, 2007

Skill Updates

As a part of this playbalance test week, we’ve made the following skill changes:



  • Elemental Lord: decreased the bonus to Elemental attributes to 1.
  • Intensity: decreased duration to 10 seconds, increased recharge time to 45 seconds.




  • Vampirism: increased duration to 30..150 seconds.

Faction Reward NPCs

  • Characters must now be level 20 to learn Kurzick or Luxon skills.
  • Using the "Raise Alliance reputation" option with the Kurzick/Luxon faction reward NPCs now gives 10,000 points toward the corresponding title track. The cost is still 5,000 faction points, and the reputation gained by the alliance is still 5,000.


  • Moved the footmen away from the middle teleporters of the Jade Isle to prevent players from targeting them from below.
  • Faction gain messages are no longer displayed in the Chat panel when you gain less than 25 faction points.
  • Updated the Korean game ratings icons.

GuildWiki notes

  • Critical Agility is currently bugged, and the bonus seconds provided by Critical Strikes do not apply when the skill reapplies itself.
  • This update fixed a bug which caused the skill trainer and skill monitor tooltips for "There's Nothing to Fear!" to erroneously display the skill's healing range as 20...51 rather than 20...52.
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