1. Go to the Diessa Lowlands. Kill Garfazz Bloodfang.
  2. Return to Viggo for your reward.

Obtained from

Viggo in Piken Square.


The Siege of Piken Square


Energy +3 (while enchanted)
Health +10 (while enchanted)
Slashing damage: 10-14 (req. 3 Swordsmanship)
Damage +15% (while hexed)
Damage +15% (while enchanted)


"My last time out, I nearly slew this bloated coward of a Charr, Garfazz Bloodfang. Bloodfang and his forces fled northwest, into the Diessa Lowlands. The duke won't let me lead a group after him. Says it's not strategic."
"Well, I've never known the duke to be wrong about a thing like that, but if you were to hunt down that fur-wrapped vermin, I'd do my best to see to it you were duly rewarded."

Reward Dialogue

"So you got Garfazz, eh? I want to hear all the gory details... No, actually, forget it. I'd rather keep the image that's in my mind now. The real thing might not be as good, right?"


Garfazz can be found south of Grendich Courthouse in a ruined temple that the Charr have taken. It is easier to get there starting from Grendich Courthouse. If you start from there you will only have to fight some gargoyles and the usual Charr. Once you get up to Garfazz Bloodfang you will find a large group of Charr around him. It will be best if you have at least one healer and a full group. Kill the healer Charr first and the rest is up to you. It is possible to pull Garfazz out of the group, or simply find him alone, then you can just kill him and leave the rest of the mob alone.


The Long Sword given as a quest reward for this quest is one of the best low requirement Warrior weapons available which includes both %damage bonuses for Enchanted and while Hexed. It is quite easy to add a Barbed sword hilt and a %20 damage Charrslaying sword pommel by salvaging the parts from the sword provided by from the collector Louise Haup in Piken Square.

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