Gate of Anguish
Gate of Anguish
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Outpost
Part of: Domain of Anguish
(Realm of Torment)
Chantry of Secrets
Gate of Anguish (explorable)
City of Torc'qua
The Foundry of Failed Creations
Ravenheart Gloom
Stygian Veil
Gate of Anguish (Location) map
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For information on the mission, see The Ebony Citadel of Mallyx (mission).

For information on the explorable area Gate of Anguish, see Gate of Anguish (explorable).


A tiny shred of shattered reality clinging to Abaddon's former realm, the Gate of Anguish leads to a domain of unimaginable sorrow and despair. It is here that the evil lord Mallyx the Unyielding builds his bastion of power, which threatens the very existence of the Goddess of Truth.

Getting there

Nightfall campaign completion is a requirement for each character in the party. Travel to the Chantry of Secrets and talk to the Guardian of Whispers to get to the other side of the locked gates. Go and kneel before the statue of the Goddess of Truth and talk to the Seer of Truth that appears (if not already there). Note that you cannot have any henchmen in your party.


Note: all these exits are one-way portals - you can leave, but you cannot use them to come back in.



Gate of Anguish (location)


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