Gate of Desolation
Gate of Desolation
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Mission location
Part of: The Desolation
The Sulfurous Wastes,
Turai's Procession

For information on the mission, see Gate of Desolation (mission).


Once a mighty edifice designed to repel desert raiders like Palawa Joko, the Gates of Desolation are a broken skeleton slowly being reclaimed by the desert. A few determined traders hang on, although their customers are mostly Centaurs from the plains.

The icon on the map initially shows up as an outpost icon. It changes to a mission location icon upon completion of the primary quest Crossing the Desolation.

Getting there

The Gate of Desolation lies towards the northwestern end of Turai's Procession. The primary quest Crossing the Desolation (which can be obtained after completing either Jennur's Horde or Nundu Bay) leads through this location.






  • One of the Dynastic Spirits says, "Something moved beneath the sand of Crystal Desert. Hungry spirits, seeking flesh." This could be a reference to the Crystal Desert dragon, who is suspected to be one of the antagonists in GW2.
  • When entering from or standing at the southeast entrance, the area becomes partially covered with a yellow fog.
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