Gate of the Nightfallen Lands
Gate of the Nightfallen Lands
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Outpost
Part of: Realm of Torment
Nightfallen Jahai


The Gate of the Nightfallen Lands is the entrance to Abaddon's staging ground for his ultimate invasion of the living world. Beyond the gate lies the dark god's corrupted, nightmarish versions of reality, which will eventually overlay onto the real world, bringing about Nightfall and extending Abaddon's Realm of Terror into the lands of Elona and beyond.

Getting there

Gate of Nightfallen Lands GT

Path from Gate of Torment

Gate of Nightfallen Lands from Gate of Pain

Path from Gate of Pain

The Gate of the Nightfallen Lands is reachable only from the Nightfallen Jahai explorable area. The entrance to the outpost is located in the northern part of the area. In the equivalent Jahai Bluffs, this entrance would have led to the Command Post. From the Gate of Pain, reaching this location is a much shorter trip.





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