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Welcome to Guild Wars Eye of the North, and welcome to GuildWiki!

GW:EN is an expansion rather than a standalone campaign, you will need an existing account with one (or more) of the Guild Wars campaigns (Prophecies, Factions, and/or Nightfall) already activated. Eye of the North content has been designed with level 20 characters in mind, however as of December 6th, 2007 characters from level 10 can now also enter and will automatically receive a buff called Journey to the North while in Eye of the North locations to enable them to be treated like level 20 characters.

Getting there[]

To enter the Eye of the North, your character needs to complete one of the following quests:

Getting started[]

After completing the first quest, you will find that you now have two new heroes. If you have never used heroes before, or if you have a non-max weapon, take the quest Hero Tutorial from Burol Ironfist. This will provide basic information on hero use and provide a voucher good for one max-damage weapon. If you do not have some already, it may be a good idea to get max armor from Jolvor Stoneforge. If you are level 10-19, this is not necessary (Journey to the North boosts your armor), but it will help for the inevitable loss of the buff at level 20.

Moving on[]

Once you have equipped yourself, continue on with the quest chain. By level 10, you should be familiar with the general principles of advancing in Guild Wars, but Eye of the North introduces a new element: Branching mission chains that may be done in any order. After a while, you will find the normal chain of quests and missions breaks into three separate chains, Asura, Norn, and Ebon Vanguard. Choose the one that most interests you, then go complete that chain. Once all three are complete, the three merge back into a single quest chain again.

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Final notes[]

  • Unlike most campaigns, the primary quests in Eye of the North are added and selected automatically. This makes it easy to see what you need to do next, but clutters up your quest log quite a bit.
  • There are many new activities to do and Titles to earn in Eye of the North. Keep exploring and try to find them all! Many reward you with good items and powerful new skills.