Disambiguous This article is about Ghostly Heroes in general. For more information on the Ghostly Hero of the Crystal Desert, see Turai Ossa.
Ghostly Hero
Ghostly Hero
Species: Ghost
Profession: Warrior/Ranger
Level(s): 20, 24, 28

The Ghostly Hero is a figure that appears throughout the PvE and PvP parts of the game, though he has a different significance in each.

Ghostly Hero in PvE

For use of the Ghostly Hero in PvE see Turai Ossa.

Ghostly Hero in PvP

In Global Tournament PvP battles the level 28 Ghostly Hero will be an ally for your party and one of your objectives is to defend him. In PvP games, killing a Ghostly Hero provides a Morale Boost on non-king of the hill maps.

The Ghostly Hero has 640 health points.

Skills used

Known creatures using the Ghostly Hero model


  • This NPC's corpse can be exploited.
  • This NPC wields a Chaos Axe for melee attacking as of the Wednesday October 25, 2006 update.
  • He can switch to a bow to attack an enemy at range.
  • The Ghostly Hero occasionally comes up as an opponent in the Norn Fighting Tournament.


  • Miniature Ghostly Hero is a green rarity mini that can be obtained as a rare drop from the Hall of Heroes victory chest.

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