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A Sand Giant, a typical Giant

Giants are a class of monster, i.e. a species in the bestiary of Guild Wars.

Giants in Guild Wars are large humanoid creatures. They are more than twice the height of humans and possess great strength, but their bodies usually show more beastial features such as huge horns, tusks or fangs.


Most Giants are warriors, but not all are melee attackers, as some throw huge rocks from a distance. They will usually be found in groups of 2-3.

Because of their large size and great strength, Giants posses two noticeable attributes:

Giant-kin creatures in the game include Ettins and Trolls but they do not possess these abilities.

On the weakness side, keep in mind that Giants ...

Items dropped

Giants may drop the following loot (besides gold and various weapons and items):

Trophies Giant Jawbones
Giant Tusks
Crafting Materials None
Salvage Items various
(Giant's Bracers,
Giant's Boots)

Known Sub-Types

Giants are found in many regions of Tyria.

Region Sub-Species Trophy
Prophecies Campaign
Kryta Warrior20 Hill Giant Gargantuan Jawbone
Crystal Desert Necromancer22 Sand Giant Massive Jawbone
Southern Shiverpeaks Warrior24 Tundra Giant
Warrior24 Enslaved Frost Giant
Huge Jawbone
Sorrow's Furnace NA-icon-small.png28 Furnace Guardian (None)
Nightfall Campaign
Vabbi Necromancer24 Bull Trainer Giant Bull Trainer Giant Jawbone
The Desolation Ranger24 Nomad Giant
Necromancer24 Sadistic Giant
Giant Tusk

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