Gods are the entities of worship for creatures and species in the game of Guild Wars. There are presently Six sets of gods in the game:

  1. The Gods of Tyria (also called The Old Gods, The Five Gods, The True Gods or The Five True Gods): The Gods that are believed by the humans and intelligent beings to have created Tyria and who bestow the Favor of the Gods.
  2. The Unseen Ones: The gods of the White Mantle who worship them as the true saviors and protectors of Kryta.
  3. The idols and shamanistic gods worshipped by the more savage species in Tyria like the Charr.(Confirmed to be the Titans in Nightfall)
  4. The Great Dwarf worshipped by the Dwarves.
  5. The Goddess of Truth, successor of Abaddon.
  6. The Ancestor Tree worshipped by the Veldrunner Centaur.

In addition, there are beings in the lore of the game that are said to possess power that rival these different Gods. Some of these beings are worshipped in some capacity or another:

  1. Abaddon, the evil, exiled god, who the plot of Guild Wars Nightfall revolves around.
  2. Dhuum, the former god of death who was defeated and cast down by Grenth of the Old Gods.
  3. Menzies, an evil being and a half-brother of Balthazar.
  4. The Great Destroyer, an evil being that is the nemesis of the Great Dwarf.
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