2010-07-12: Gold Crimson Skull Coins


Nick's location for Gold CS Coins

Farming locations

  • Suggested Farm #1: Haiju Lagoon; requires a player with the quest The Captured Son. Leave from Zen Daijun, and follow the path shown in the map here, but when you approach the lagoon, turn right instead of left. On the way to the Crimson Skull camp, avoid the Kappa, as they can snare you; follow the path west instead of going north to the shore. Pass through Linkei Township to activate the res shrine, but look out for a sole pop-up Oni to the southeast before reaching it. Lastly, you may need to fight past two groups of Dragon Lillys before reaching the Crimson Skull camp. A group of Canthan Guards may assist with the second group.
  • This farm is possible without the quest; however, fewer Crimson Skulls will spawn, meaning you will need more runs to obtain your desired amount of coins.

Route to Crimson Skull in Panjiang Peninsula

  • Suggested Farm #2: Panjiang Peninsula; Run to the buildings on the west of Raiyan Cave. You can get there without any fighting if you avoid any Kappa group with a level 6 in it. A number of Crimson Skull are among from the caves all the way to Port Kaimu. This is a good alternative for players without the quest The Captured Son.

Threats & recommended skills

  • Tactics: Farm #1: In the middle of the camp are two stone huts. Use those as cover when you are taking damage from projectile attacks. If using spirits of your own, summon them around the hut where they can attack with a direct line of sight.
  • Recommended skills: Bring a self-heal to counteract the degen. Condition removal helps when you are hit with Deep Wound.

Solo farming

Any of the common solo builds will work fine in Normal mode.

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