Great Temple of Balthazar
Great Temple of Balthazar
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Town
Part of: The Battle Isles
Isle of the Nameless


The Great Temple of Balthazar is a sacred place for those who practice the martial arts of war. It is dedicated to Balthazar, the god of war, and guarded by the Zaishen Order. It is the main town on The Battle Isles.

Getting there

The Great Temple of Balthazar is located in the archipelago where the Zaishen Order live out their lives. The archipelago, known as the Battle Isles, is not part of Tyria, Cantha or Elona; one must journey by ship in order to get there.

PvE characters map travel to the Temple by clicking the ship icon near a port (Lion's Arch, Kaineng Center, or Kamadan) that they have visited.



Undeveloped Area

South of the Temple is an unknown area that both portals from the temple and the Zaishen Challenge still appear to have access to, but instead is a one way portal from Zaishen Challenge to the door behind Balthazar's statue. This area is only visible with with a Texmod and currently is inaccessible.

GToB hidden area

This area has been discussed as the Xunlai Market.

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