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DesertGriffon 1

A Desert Griffon, a typical Griffon

Griffons (sometimes also spelled Griffin) are large beasts walking on 4 legs, with the beak of a bird of prey, the wings and the long tail of a reptile.


All Griffons in the Prophecies Campaign are melee attackers and as such are very susceptible to PBAoEs. Griffons in Nightfall Campaign are ranged attackers.

All Griffons are Monks, Warriors, or Ritualists.

On the weakness side, keep in mind that Griffons ...

Griffons and Harpies are suspected to be members of the same species.

Items dropped

Griffons may drop the following loot, besides random gold and loot:

Known Sub-Types


Region Sub-Species Trophy
Prophecies Campaign
Crystal Desert Warrior-icon-small21 Desert Griffon Iridescent Griffon Wing
Southern Shiverpeaks Monk-icon-small24 Blessed Griffon Frosted Griffon Wing
Nightfall Campaign
Istan Monk-icon-small8 Skree Hatchling1
Monk-icon-small14 Skree Griffon1
Fledgling Skree Wing
Vabbi Monk-icon-small24 Skree Griffin1 Skree Wing
Realms of the Gods (Core)
Fissure of Woe NA-icon-small28 Forest Griffon1 (NPC) -
  1. May not technically be Griffons.

For an alphabetic list of all Griffons, including bosses, see also: Category:Griffons


Griffons are obviously inspired by the Griffins of greek and medieval mythology, which are a mixture of a lion and an eagle.

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