Grim Cesta
Grim Cesta (Gauntlet).jpg
Grim Cesta (Claw).jpg
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Accursed Icon (Gorgon).jpg
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Weapon details
Linked Attribute(s): Blood Magic
Death Magic
Soul Reaping
Common: Bones
Chitin Fragments
Granite Slabs
Rare: Monstrous Claw
(from the talon style)


A Necromancer focus item available in the first three Guild Wars campaigns. This off-hand weapon is tied to either Death Magic (typically resembling a gauntlet) or Curses (typically looking like a diamond-shaped shield).

There are several other skins available for Grim Cestas in the Prophecies campaign: a gorgon head (tied to Curses), a mummified bird talon (linked to Death Magic), or a bloody knife (tied to either). One especially valuable Grim Cesta is the quest reward from Cities of Ascalon, which resembles a Blood Knife; 55 Monks use its -50 health mod as a critical component of their equipment.

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Grim Cestas cannot be dyed. Attempting to do so results in the dye making the appropriate sound for dyeing, but returning to its position in your inventory.

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