Guard Raabo
Guard Raabo
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 20


Guard Raabo is a member of the Canthan Guard of Kaineng City.



He uses the generic Canthan Guard Kaineng City dialogue.


Laonan: When do we get paid again?
Raabo: Is that the only reason you joined? For the money?
Laonan: Hey, the emperor raised the pay so much that this is the best-paying job in the city now. Why else would I be here?
Raabo: To protect your fellow citizens, to stop the rampant thieving, to ensure the continued survival of our way of life?
Laonan: Are you kidding? I'm getting out of this deathtrap as soon as possible.
Raabo: But what about the commitment you made when you joined the guard?
Laonan: Relax. I'm going to finish my term, but after that I'm using whatever I make to get out of here.
Raabo: But what about all the people you swore to protect?
Laonan: Let one of them take my job, they can have it. They can deal with fighting off the bandits, and having street urchins beg them for food, and guard against the plague monsters at the same time.
Raabo: Then why did you sign up for the guard if you don't like it?
Laonan: I already told you, I need the money to get out of here. What are you doing with your extra pay?
Raabo: I'm donating it to various people who need help in these times of need. They need it more than I do, even if the emperor was kind enough to give us all substantial raises in this time of crisis.
Laonan: Fine, you can donate some of that to my 'get me off this dirty, disgusting, dying rock' fund.
Raabo: Speaking of disgusting, that describes your attitude perfectly.
Laonan: Then don't talk to me anymore and you won't have to be bothered by it.
Raabo: Fine...just don't ask when we get paid again.


Raabo is not always there, but when he is, Laonan is, too.

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