Guff Hufflebeak
Guff Hufflebeak
Species: Tengu
Level(s): 4


Guff Hufflebeak is a Tengu interested in the Canthan New Year festival.



"All this talk of pigs and celestial beings confuses me... Why prepare a feast for a pig when you could simply eat it? If it is like any of the pigs I have encountered, I doubt it would be offended. I must say, though, I have never seen anything quite like the fireworks they create here. "

I did not realize Tengu participated in the Lunar Festival.

Most do not. We have little to do with the trappings of human culture. However it seemed worthwhile to come here myself and determind the true source of of all the enthusiasm surrounding this event. I cannot imagine so many humans getting so excited over something if there is truly nothing to it."
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