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NOTE: This is not an ACCURATE page, but of pure fan fiction. Please check out guildwiki dot org or Guild wars wiki for accurate information and documentation.

Guilds are the primary community connection of Guild Wars. They're used in the Guild versus Guild GvG battles.

People use to think that guilds are run alone, but then they found Alliances... Their Kung Fu grew stronger...

Creating A Guild[]

They learned how to create a guild, just by having 100g and a name as well as a [TAG]. From this, they realized they could earn their kung fu.

Guild Roster[]

They could not believe that they could be a guild leader and then have others help them lead Kung Fu.

Designing the Cape[]

They have fun with this... Some play with their Cape designs often... Others, only pick one design and stick to it like glue. (Accurate information see guild wars wiki or guild wiki dot org).

Guild Halls[]

One could not believe of all the things that they could do with a guild hall... Wow! Npcs! Almost everything needed for the kung fu practices.


Alliances are one of the hardest parts of a guild to maintain. Without some strong guilds, an alliance will just be a chat room. As guilds are the backbone of any alliance, all participating guilds must be active in order to prevent their alliance from dying due to inactivity or non participation.

While accurate, many had different views and reasons on how to do their alliance....

Some use to do councils... especially, gvg ones in the days of old... That failed... people disagree, hard having meetings, etc. many bicker...

Others had their own way of running Alliances. those turned out better than those with "councils" that would be "mocked" by those that knew or found out about it.

Leaving or Disbanding a Guild[]

A member can leave his/her guild by clicking the icon next to their name on the guild roster and choosing "Leave Guild." Only the guild leader can disband a guild. For the disbanding, one must "spike" or kick out all other players... this is bad kung fu and must only be done as a last resort.

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